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Wed, 20 Nov 2013

Game DVD now for download

Customers that live far from Europe (America, Australia...etc) had to pay high shipping costs. So we now offer the same Game DVD as a downloadable link.

Just purchase the downloadable version of the DVD and when your payment will be received you will get an email with a link to download the ISO file. Be sure to have a good Internet connection because it's a 2.3 GB file!

Remember the money raised will be used to support both software and hardware development.

Thank you.

Download instructions:

- Just order and you'll receive a link to download the file when we receive your payment.
- the file to download is a big Zip archive of exactly 2 226 182 165 Bytes. The md5sum of the file is: 655667b9042aaa668093e2b9f6aa0d39
- inside the archive is only one file, an ISO file you have to burn from with any DVD burner software.

Get your eletronic copy from the link below: