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23 Dec 2007 19:5

When the myth becomes... mini!

Bassano del Grappa - Italy - 23 december 2007: ACube Systems is pleased to announce the availability of MiniMig motherboards based on the famous Dennis van Weeren project (version 1.1).

The fully assembled motherboard will be available mid-january directly from ACube Systems and later from other resellers too. The prices and bundles will be announced in the upcoming days.

The MiniMig features an FPGA re-implementation of the A500 chipset with a real 68000 processor onboard and connectors for real Amiga compatible joystick and mouse as well as a PS2 one and a VGA monitor that accepts 31Khz output.

To run the MiniMig it is necessary to copy on a SD memory card a 1.3 ROM that can be legally obtained from Cloanto's Amiga Forever package (www.amigaforever.com).

To order your MiniMig contact ACube Systems at info@acube-systems.com.

Let the myth live again!