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14 Jan 2008 00:3

Small delay in delivering Minimig

Unfortunately some delays forced us to slightly postpone the shipping of Minimigs. We would like to offer our customers the usual high quality service as a sign of respect for the many orders we received so far. Therefore we need to delay the shipping of the Minimig that will start on February, 1st.

Our apology and our thanks to all whom are waiting.

We would also take the opportunity to give more details about the PSU needed for the Minimig. The board needs to be powered with a stabilized 5V, so you'll need a PSU which can deliver such power and with a jack connector.

ACube Systems will also sell a Minimig bundle inclusive of an adequate PSU. This bundle will be available at the price of EUR 149 (excluding local taxes and shipping cost).

With every Minimig sold will be included a 1GB SD Card. It's plenty of space for your ADF files.

When ordering please specify if you want the board only (inclusive of the SD Card) or the bundle (Minimig+PSU+SD Card).