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28 Apr 2008 23:3

Linux and AROS for Sam440ep screenshots

Bassano del Grappa (Italy) 28 April 2008: ACube Systems Srl is pleased to share with you several screenshots of 3 operating systems that are near completion for the Sam440ep board.

Linux users will soon be able to play with two Linux distributions. This was made possible by a wonderful job done by Giuseppe Coviello on the Linux kernel.
Thanks to his work, you'll now be able to use CruxPPC, which was done by the CruxPPC team, and the famous Ubuntu distribution.

Amigans out there will more certainly appreciate the coming of the AROS Research Operating System to the Sam board.
Michal Schulz impressed us as he is completing the bounty faster than a thunderstorm.

Enjoy the screenshots on the page dedicated to our Sam board: http://www.acube-systems.biz/eng/sam.php