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17 May 2008 18:4

BlizzardPPC repair service

ACube Systems is happy to announce the launch of a new repair service for broken 603e PPC CPUs on BlizzardPPC cards.
The broken CPU will be removed and replaced with one of the following CPUs:

- 603e @ 200 Mhz - BGA
- 603e @ 300 Mhz - BGA

The prices for the service are:

- 603e @ 200 Mhz : Euro 165,00 + shipping and local vat
- 603e @ 300 Mhz : Euro 199,00 + shipping and local vat
- optional adhesive metallic cooler with fan (40x40x10 mm) : Euro 9

To be noted:

- we won't be able to replace broken 040/060CPUs or other onboard components, and we won't upgrade to a faster CPU a working BlizzardPPC board (since the reworking is not risk free)

- given the age of these boards we predict to be able to repair around 75% of broken boards. This means that not all the boards can be repaired

- we don't overclock, the CPUs are genuine parts rated at the reported speeds, we don't replace the onboard crystals, only the CPU multiplier setup will be changed if required

- the 300 Mhz model may need an additional cooling solution

DNetc results (300 Mhz CPU versus 210 Mhz CPU)

core 0: 911.134 key/sec - 607.283 key/sec
core 1: 968.609 key/sec - 664.135 key/sec
core 2: 827.675 key/sec - 550.799 key/sec
core 5: 994.333 key/sec - 662.668 key/sec
core 6: 962.086 key/sec - 641.639 key/sec
core 0: 4.235.245 nodes/sec - 2.823.000 nodes/sec

For any further information, please contact: info@acube-systems.com