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Tue, 10 Jul 2012

New batch of Sam440ep Flex

 Bassano del Grappa - 10 July, 2012


After a long time, one of ACube Systems' best seller is back!

Starting from today, and for a limited time, we want to celebrate summer with a new batch of the Sam440ep Flex boards at an incredible price!


Sam440ep Flex @ 667Mhz - € 270

Sam440ep Flex @ 733Mhz - € 310

(all prices excl. local taxes were applicable - AmigaOS 4.1 not included).



This new batch is equipped with a new Uboot release that adds support for booting from PATA devices connected to VIA VT6421 controller.

An Uboot update will be made available in the next days for all other Flex boards.


For orders please visit our online shop http://www.acube-systems.biz/shop


Grab your board while you can!