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Sun, 24 Feb 2013

onchipmem.resource for AmigaOS 4.1

Bassano del Grappa, Italy - 24 Feb, 2013

ACube Systems announces the immediate release of the onchipmem.resource. This is an OS4 component that provides access to the On Chip Memory (OCM) found on the APM460Ex SoC (used on the Sam460ex board for example).

The OCM buffer is 64KB in size, 128-bit bus width, and is much faster than main RAM, up to double the DDR2 speed, basically it has a speed similar to the 460Ex L2 cache.

It's main use is to store often accessed application data, or as a way to transfer more quickly a data buffer to/from video ram for example.

The archive contains documentation and example source code on how to use this resource.

You can download the archive from: