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Tue, 26 Feb 2013

A fix for the audio issue on Sam460ex and AmigaOne 500

The problem with the crackling audio on some Sam460ex boards/AmigaOne 500 systems has been identified.

For some reasons, still under investigation, a few boards miss a resistor (R267)
This 0 ohm resistor is responsible for the clock source selection of the AC97 codec, without it the codec runs at a wrong frequency which causes the crackling audio.

If you have a sound quality problem with your Sam460ex board/AmigaOne 500 system, please check if the R267 resistor is in place or not. See this photo from the bottom of the board:


If the resistor is missing, it could be easily fixed just soldering the two open pads together, for such fix we suggest to contact your reseller.

Alternatively the problem may be mitigated with a special sm502.audio driver which minimizes (but not completely removes) the noise. Download and try this alternate driver.