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Tue, 16 Apr 2013

ACube Systems and MAS Elettronica distribution agreement

Bassano del Grappa, Italy. 15 April, 2013

ACube Systems and MAS Elettronica, after a long partnership have reached an agreement to make the cooperation even stronger offering on each company website the products of the other company, thus widening the audience for their products.

You can find MAS Elettronica industrial products on the hardware section of ACube Systems website

About ACube Systems:

ACube Systems is producing PowerPC motherboards for desktop and industrial markets.

The company is doing its best to ensure products are built following high quality standards and fair social criterias. For this reason ACube Systems is committed to keep the whole development process in Italy.

The company is proud to work with European partners and deliver worldwide.


About MAS Elettronica:

MasElettronica is an Italian company that brings to market a range of innovative ARM-based CPU boards (based on Linux and Android operating systems), either ready-to-use or custom configured both with an excellent price/performance ratio, focusing its efforts on multimedia, communications, wireless, medical and industrial applications.