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Sun, 06 Dec 2020

UBoot 1.3.1g for Sam440ep/Sam440ep-Flex boards available

Bassano del Grappa, Italy - 06 Dec, 2020

ACube Systems is happy to announce the availability of another update to UBoot firmware for the Sam440ep, Sam440-Flex and Sam440-Flex SE.

Our commitment to the Amiga Community is still strong as it was at the beginning of our adventure, and it will bring more news in the upcoming year.

This release, a “Christmas gift” to all our customers, brings the following enhancements and fixes:

U-boot 1.3.1g — Dec 04, 2020

  • Improved support for Radeon HD and Radeon RX graphic cards.
    Now you can use a Radeon HD / RX via a PCI to PCI Express adapter. On the Sam440ep flex motherboard, it is recommended to use PCI slot #1 for maximum performance. Please note that full support for Radeon RX is still under development and for this reason, with many models of gfx cards, U-Boot does not show any output, but the card works fine once the operating system is loaded.
  • Introduced a new menu entry to change the x86 gfx BIOS emulator accuracy.
    If your graphic card show some visual problems on startup, try increasing the x86 BIOS emulator accuracy.

As always, read carefully the instructions in the archive.

You can find the updates on Sam440ep and Sam440ep-Flex product pages.

We hope you will enjoy this update.

Stay tuned for other news in the upcoming months.