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Sun, 28 Nov 2010

Sam440ep Setup Tool

Bassano del Grappa, Italy - 28 November 2010

ACube Systems just released a new tool to fine tune performance of its line of motherboards Sam440ep. This tool applies to both the mini-itx and flex version.

What it does:

  • on some Sam440ep boards, the MMUCR register is not set correctly at bootstrap. This leads to poor write L1 cache performances. The utility check the register, and if needed, modify it.
  • enables read prefetching for graphic ram on Radeon cards. If a Radeon card is present, the utility will modify the POM2 PCI register to enable read prefetching.
    This speed up reads for the gfx card from 15 MB/s to 38 MB/s on a M9 card.

How to use:

  • add the utility to WBStartup with Prefs/WBStartup
  • if run from the shell, it accept the VERBOSE argument to show some information


  • This utility will be obsolete with a future AmigaOS 4.x update.

You can download the lha archive directly from Sam440ep product pages:


The tool will be soon available also on OS4Depot.