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Mon, 25 Jun 2012

Sam460 and AmigaOne 500 now with RadeonHD driver

At ACube Systems we always want to help the Amiga community as much as we can. With the recent news about Hans' Radeon HD driver and its licence, we decided to offer the Radeon HD driver for FREE with all new orders of a Sam460 board or an AmigaOne 500 system.

And to better thank our customers that already ordered an AmigaOne 500 from us, we would like to offer them the same Radeon HD driver!!!

Our online shop is already updated. If you purchase now a Sam460 motherboard or an AmigaOne 500 system, you'll automatically receive the Radeon HD driver license.

We'll contact in the coming days every current AmigaOne 500 owners to give them a driver license.